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Gentleman Cow Evacuations: Euphemisms

(This blog contains colourful language.)     = ??? [The following conversation was between me and my co-worker who was particularly insistent on knowing why I was hurrying off when we were clearly busy planning our upcoming joint lecture.] Me: ‘I’m off to see the Mona Lisa.’ M: ‘What?’ Me: ‘The Mona Lisa, I’m off […]

Harry Potter and My Bond

Ladies and Gentlemen, We are at war. (Well, some of us.) As an Australian, I have the power to stand between both sides of insanity, pleading for reason. That having been said, I often find it difficult not to side with one or the other. Capricious neutralness is not always a bad thing, but I […]

Back to the Future for Economics?

Ero, eris, erit. Sere, seras, sera. Oh dear, those of you who were subjected to Latin or Spanish in high school may now unfurl from your foetal positions and, according to one recent study, take pride in your forgetfulness. Yes, I have decided to jump on the “analyse Keith Chen” bandwagon, but how can one […]

Liebster Award Recipient, huzzah!

I’ve only been doing this blog for a few weeks, and my previous (now inactive Tumblr) for a few months, but the response has been amazing. Of course, I find everything I say titillating, but I never fathomed just how many people would suffer my blatherskite prattle for such a long period of time. Of […]

How amazing scenes get lost in translation

Friday night with nothing to do. Looking at the telly guide I notice that it’s on. What you say? IT! IT is on! The movie that always gets me to blub like a tit. Brokeback Mountain. Japanese telly, you’ve outdone yourself this time! So Friday night and there I sat. Flannel pyjamas, a bowl of […]