Woody or tinny?

Gawwwwwn… GAAAAAWN… It’s got a sort of woody quality about it. Gawwwwn… Much better than ‘newspaper’ or ‘litter bin’. Ugh, newspaperlitter bin…Dreadful tinny sort of words! Tin, tin, TIN!

Now, I’d better stop saying ‘tin’ before I upset Becky.

The other day on Facebook, a good friend of mine posted this skit from Monty Python’s old TV series. It set me to pondering. Some words very much have a ‘tinny’ or ‘woody’ quality to them. While this particular telly program gave us some splendid ones, I decided to set about finding some of my own.

Say you’ve just acquired a jolly good free iced lolly prize and decided to skip off the to the shops. Of course, you can’t say ‘skip’ frightful, tinny word, that is. What else could I say then? Frolic? No, listen to it. Ffffroliccccc… Far too tinny!Tin, tin, tin! … How about ‘gambol’? Oh my yes. That’s a nice one. Ggggambbbolllll! Not a two plosives to rub together, that one. Very nice, oaky, woody word.

On your trip (ugh, tinny), errand (yes, there we go) you hear a siren (heavens!)… Alright, alright, a warning (sort of a PVC kind of word, but not tinny, that’s for certain). So you jump into a bungalow. Mmm, bungalowBun… galowwwwww… yes, mercy, yes! Where you sit awaiting the okay to leave. After a while, still no word, so you start to brood. Oooooh, sweet knocking-on-a-lumber-pile woody. Even better if pronounced by a Scot, brrrrrood. Said with a brrrrrogue. As comforting as sitting in a nice inglenook… inglenook…k… Started off woody, but the rear end is quite metallic. Perhaps even tinny. (Squealing.) Just like ‘insouciance’, ‘lassitude’, or the absolute worst… ‘propinquity’. Listen to it, would you? proPINquity… wretched, echoey, Tibetan bowl noise. Tibetan, TIN! (Squealing again.)

Woody, woody… ‘Gamboge’. Goodness, listen to it. So structured, heavy. Like a-woody-fire-in-a-woody-cabin-in-the-woody-woods kind of woody. Splendid word… GAWWWN.

Anyway, no word for a while so you make your way home, no, abode (I like that one more) and relax in your living room.

What was that siren, pardon, warning, anyway?

A caribou?

Lovely, woody word.

No, I mean causing the warning

No, it’s more likely to have been some kind of wassssp… Disgusting word. In form, plosiveness, and meaning.

I hope it was a gibbon of some kind.

Much woodier animal. Gibbon, gnu, pangolin

Righto, I’m bored, better go have a bath!

(Would love to hear your favourite ‘woody’ words and most reviled ‘tinny’ words in the comments.)



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