Monthly Archives: July 2013

Evolution in Terms

(This blog contains colourful language.) Oftentimes, we like to believe that the past was a simpler, easier place to live. Nothing could possibly top the past. People put more emphasis on their family, crime rates were lower, grammar was used with higher proficiency, and the general population excreted diamonds according to some accounts. Putting aside […]

Obsolete but Aurete #1

My new bite-sized, easily digestible obsolete word updates shall start… now! Geloscopy – divination by means of laughter.

How to Make Your Own Word

(Caution: the following blog contains colourful language.) Me: ‘You can find the syllabuses online at…’ Wisearse Student: ‘Isn’t it “syllabi”?’ Me: ‘I do believe that I am speaking English, not Latin. Should I also start saying “military baseis” instead of “military bases” and conjugating every Latinate verb in accordance with Latin grammar rules?’ Nothing irritates […]