Liebster Award Recipient, huzzah!


I’ve only been doing this blog for a few weeks, and my previous (now inactive Tumblr) for a few months, but the response has been amazing. Of course, I find everything I say titillating, but I never fathomed just how many people would suffer my blatherskite prattle for such a long period of time. Of course when Sophelia from nominated me for the Liebster Award I immediately assumed that: 1. she had cracked open the gin without me, 2. she was wheedling, or 3. she desperately required financial assistance/someone to take care of her two fiendishly adorable hounds. Upon being assured that it was none of the above I felt totally elated.

So the rules are thus, upon winning the award I get to make you all read: my answers to 11 of her personal questions, my list of 11 (boringly) interesting things about me, and 11 questions to the 11 other blogs that I nominated for my Liebster Award. Never fear I won’t be making a habit of self-aggrandising banter about myself, but do humour me, I’m a tad excited. Soon after this post will be a famous serving of my obsolete jargon so hang in there.

A shout out to my friends who are followers and followers who have become friends.

11 Questions from Sophelia

1. What is the most important thing you read online this week? Links please!

Important? Haven’t the foggiest… Interesting? Oh my yes.

2. Which country that you have never visited do you most want to go to?

Sweden, Finland, or Iceland. I name them all together because I would evaporate in glee if I could go to music festivals, go Viking hunting, go Nudie Jeans store hopping, go fjord hopping, camp out under the Northern Lights, and eat my fill of river fish in one fell swoop.

3. What is the worst movie you have ever seen?

TOKYO. Fine! I’m biased. I dislike the movie for the same reason I dislike the city. It’s contrived, has an identity crisis, is rather obnoxious, and is so busy being haughty that it doesn’t take time to make a personal connection with you. Also the second mini film… What the deuce did I do to deserve what I was I subjected to just now?

4. What song do you listen to when you are most in need of a pick-me-up?

Hoppípolla by Sigur Rós. The title means “jumping into puddles” in the most fantabulous language still in existence, how can one feel down?

5. What children’s book describes the meaning of life best in your eyes? Ahh, you noticed that wasn’t a new question, huh? Glad that you are paying attention. I still want to ask it anyway, because I think it is a fantastic question!

Winnie the Pooh. Being the ultimate Taoist that he is, Pooh is open to and yet unburdened by experience, he never overcomplicates things, and has his priorities straight. Also I can relate to his euphoria over honey sandwiches and his relationship with bees.

6. Can you name a movie adaptation that was better than the book?

Tristan and Isolde because I never got to see James Franco shirtless in the book.

7. What obscure piece of trivia are you most impressed with yourself for knowing?

The word “spirits” referring to alcohol has its roots in alchemy. As we all know alcohol is used to extract the essence of plants. Alchemists believed that this was achieved by little fairies or spirits who lived inside of the alcohol and stole the plants’ essence or life force. That is why we still use the word spirits to refer to vodka, gin, scotch, and the like.

8. What is your favourite vegetarian recipe? Again, links or post in full please 😉

This one is made with anchovies, but I prefer the taste of puttanesca without the anchovies. Also it’s awfully fun to say “slut” in Italian.

9. What was your very first pet’s name?

The first that I remember was our dog called Stacey. Of course, I hated the name. I was somewhat raw that my name for the dog was not chosen; I wanted to call her Dolores.

10. What is your “guilty pleasure” TV show?

Nothing that I watch on TV should be something to be ashamed of. Be it Glee or Shaun the Sheep I stand by my telly choices.

11. Tell me about a book that changed how you see the world.

“The Mother Tongue” by Bill Bryson. It thrusted me down the rabbit hole of linguistics from which I’ve never had any intention to return. Bill Bryson can make a dry subject like linguistics funny which is a feat I hope to master.

11 Things About Me

  1. I finish everyday with a gin and tonic or a glass of red wine.
  2. I’ve been doing yoga for 13 years (which seems to have balanced out the gin and wine quite well).
  3. In my lifetime I have played or done: soccer, karate, gymnastics, cricket, tennis, high jump, kung fu, and jazz dance. Of these sports, the ones that I have continued longest have been kung fu and jazz dance for three years and two years respectively.
  4. Despite my previous answer, I actually loathe sports.
  5. Upon request, I can quote the entire epilogue from the movie version of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring at breakneck speed.
  6. For more than one fifth of my life I have lived in Japan.
  7. At present I speak three languages confidently (am working on my fourth), but when I was in primary school I had an almost debilitating reading disorder and mumbled tremendously.
  8. Although I wish it weren’t so, I’m a terrible gardener.
  9. I have an unnatural obsession with alpacas as well as antique fob watches, keys, books, and pens.
  10. Singlehandedly do I support MUJI.
  11. My whole family has a habit of slapping tables when we are fully engrossed in aggressive debate.

11 Questions from Me

1. What is one word you would like to hear Alan Rickman enunciate?


2. What is your one failsafe dish for when you’re expecting company?

Tuna pasta bake. If the boobs do not approve they go home hungry.

3. Which famous philosopher or religious figure would you most like to meet? 


4. Name one book that you would like to read to your children one day.

The Hobbit because if my kid(s) can nerd out with me then I would know that I have done everything right for him/her/them.

5. Coffee or tea?

It’s always a tough choice, but nothing can beat a Fortnum & Mason Earl Grey.

6. Which blogger/podcaster do you respect the most?

Inky Fool. I’ve never come across another linguistics blogger so interested in etymology and useless archaisms. Of course I bought his books and would give him the rock star treatment, showering him with drawer after drawer of my undies, if he were to tour. I don’t think he’d be very excited about it, though.

7. If you could have one Glee moment which song would you sing?

Strict Machine by Goldfrapp or New York, New York by Frank Sinatra

8. List one grandiloquent word you would like others to know.

Pandiculate – to stretch out the limbs and inhale deeply. It is often accompanied by yawning.

9. Who is the most eloquent speaker in the world?

Stephen Fry, hands down. I want to be him and be married to him at the same time.

10. British comedy or American? Which show and/or movie is/are the funniest?

Definitely British. My personal favourites are Black Books, Let Them Eat Cake, and Ab Fab.

11. Everybody has one amazing piece of nectareous knowledge nestled up their sleeve, what is yours?

Cows moo in regional accents.

Also here are 11 blogs that I adore. Please spread your delectable love all over their blogs. All nominees, feel free to ignore my nomination, but I would love to see you pass on the amore.


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  1. If you fancy either taking the dogs or giving me money, or preferably both, don’t hold back!

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